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Prix Strategis 2020

Prix Strategis 2020

Le comité d'organisation et le jury du Prix Strategis ont le plaisir de vous présenter les startups lauréates de l'édition 2020 du Prix Strategis.


SUN bioscience SUN bioscience is an innovator in the field of organ-disease modeling and patient variation analysis. Exploiting the power of their bioengineering technologies and living biobank they engage in partnered projects for preclinical drug development on human stem cell organoids. Their current pipeline features programs for rare diseases affecting the intestinal or the blood-brain-barrier and immuno-oncology.

Deuxième place

Pristem Pristem is a Swiss Medtech company dedicated to advance the practice of medicine and save lives by providing universal and sustainable access to essential medical technologies and services in locations where basic healthcare needs remain unfulfilled. They are currently developing leading-edge medical imaging systems and e-Health services. The company aims at becoming a market leader on global markets.

Troisième place

PXL Vision PXL Vision is a Swiss high-tech startup providing a scalable software platform for the secure verification of digital identities, based on computer vision machine learning. The solution provides highest security at full automation and helps companies reduce fraud, lower the cost of customer onboarding and maximize sales conversion. PXLs customers includes the SwissID and most Swiss TelCos among others.


9T Labs 9T Labs pursue the mission to make industry grade carbon fiber composites more accessible through 3D printing, which is bringing automation and advanced optimization capabilities to a $80 billions industry, completely rethinking the way fiber composites are made to date.

Microcaps Microcaps delivers microencapsulation with Swiss precision. The ETH Zurich spin-off produces today’s highest standards of microcapsules for precise release and controlled delivery, making it possible to predict when and where an active material is released. This is of highest importance for pharmaceutical drug delivery, for example as medication carriers in injections, inhalation, or as a specific protection against acidic stomach environments. However, it can as well be applied in cosmetics for fragrances, food for aromas, and nutraceutics for probiotics.


Kido Dynamics They specialize in Mobility Analytics using telecom data. They are hard coders and have figured out and built the technology, which analyzes at scale a specific data type generated by telcom's across the world called Call Detail Records (CDR's).

Nanogence Nanogence aspires to be a global synthetic material innovation company. We take part in production, research, development, and sales of all types of novel synthetic materials. Our disruptive process technologies enable solutions for various industries and support the cradle-to-cradle loop. Nanogence develops synthetic tailor-made novel material in a B2B framework in application sectors such as construction, pharmaceutical and mobility The products are synthesized materials placed at the beginning of the value chain, creating a new product category, improving the characteristics of the construction materials, while being cheaper and eco-friendlier than any comparable products.

Fixposition Fixposition is developing robust, cm-precise navigation sensors for drones, robots and autonomous vehicles. By deep fusion of navigation satellite signals with computer vision, their matchbox sized sensors are able to navigate in environments where traditional GPS receivers are failing to operate. This enables and guarantees safe operation of these systems, for instance in cities.