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Prix Strategis 2021

Prix Strategis 2021

Le comité d'organisation et le jury du Prix Strategis ont le plaisir de vous présenter les startups lauréates de l'édition 2021 du Prix Strategis.


Backbone Photo Backbone is tackling the 100-Billion market of visuals by building the first platform to order any type of visuals, photos, videos, stagings, virtual tours. Brands and companies order in 1 minute on the platform, we manage the project wherever it is, and they receive their visuals in 48h.

Bloom Biorenewables Bloom révèle la valeur cachée de la biomasse pour fournir de l’énergie et des produits renouvelables pour des marchés tels que les parfums, les matériaux, les plastiques et les textiles. Pour la première fois, Bloom offre des produits à la fois durables et abordables.

Dagsmejan Ventures Dagsmejan is a young high-tex company based in Zurich with the mission to boost sleep quality by means of innovative functional sleepwear. While a functional revolution has been brought step-changes to activewear, Dagsmejan is bringing those functional ideas to the world of sleepwear, creating garments that are fully aligned to the physiological needs of the sleeping body, designed for optimal sleep quality.

Neurosoft Neurosoft Bioelectronics’ vision is to replace the way we interface with the nervous system in order to provide better therapies for patients who suffer from severe neurological disorders. Their new class of neural implants seamlessly interface with the nervous system. Using their unique neural interface technology, their ultimate goal is to develop the next generation of brain-computer interfaces, which have a large medical potential, such as allowing tetraplegic patients to interact with their environment, or to relieve patients suffering from disabling tinnitus.

Volumina Volumina Medical est une entreprise innovatrice dans le domaine de la chirurgie réparatrice. L’entreprise développe des implants régénératifs et dégradables permettant de reconstruire naturellement le sein de manière minimalement invasive. L’équipe est animée par une profonde motivation à apporter des solutions pour les patientes atteintes du cancer du sein et ayant besoin d’une réparation après ablation du sein. Le premier produit en développement à déjà été plébiscité par plus de 70 chirurgiens plastiques à travers le monde et par les patientes atteintes du cancer du sein. Les patientes voient un espoir de retrouver leur forme physique naturelle et bien au-delà, la possibilité de se reconstruire psychologiquement après une épreuve très difficile.


BLP Digital An ETH Zurich spin-off, BLP Digital develops AI-based software to extract and process information from business documents. They have developed a state-of-the-art end-to-end automation solution for the delivery note and invoice verification process, already in use by their customers. BLP Digital's ultimate vision is to free-up all back-office workers from mind-numbing, repetitive administrative tasks, in order to have a positive impact on both society and economy.

Agrosustain Agrosustain aims to become the one-stop-shop for biological plant protection. In this context, AgroSustain develops highly effective, biological fungicides and coatings to protect fruits and vegetables from molds and fast ripening, from farm to fork. Its novel products will permit to maintain high food quality in the entire logistic chain, as well as to reduce the environmental impact of food waste, effectively minimizing CO2 emissions.

Synthara Synthara develops the world’s most energy-efficient silicon chip designs for edge computing. The underlying technology was developed by the founders at the Institute of Neuroinformatics in Zurich, building on prior experience at top-tier silicon tech companies. The company is now working to commercializing these with a focus on AI-on-the-edge battery-operated devices to deliver meaningful processing capability within constrained power budgets.