Strategis 2022

Every year, the organizing committee and the Prix Strategis Jury meet and select the startups based on criterias of innovation, impact, international growth potential and realization.



ExerGo is a start-up company operating in the field of low-temperature heat networks. By using CO2 as a heat and cold transfer fluid instead of water, this technology reduces CO2 emissions by 90% compared to traditional solutions. This solution allows the exchange of heat waste between buildings and provides an efficient district heating and cooling network.

Agrinorm AG

Agrinorm is a Swiss based deep tech company leveraging cutting edge machine learning techniques for the optimization of fruit and veg supply chains. The start-up develops technology that enables customers to excel in quality of fresh produce and achieve price leadership while reducing environmental impact.

Perovskia Solar SA

PEROVSKIA SOLAR is a cleantech startup that provides digitally printed, customizable solar cells for OEMs. Our vision is to equip every device with a solar cell. The solar cells are tailored to seamlessly integrate with electronic devices, IoT and sensors. The versatile technology offers breakthrough performance at disruptive cost. The perovskite semiconductor used in the solar cells is considered the best light conversion material to date, allowing the solar cells to be used in low-light conditions in homes and offices.

CompPair Technologies Ltd.

CompPair manufactures a new composite material that can repair itself. Through an innovative chemical process, it is possible to repair the material by applying heat between 100 and 150°. This technique gives economic operators access to composite materials with a longer life and lower maintenance costs, while being more environmentally friendly.

Artiria Medical

Artiria Medical is an EPFL spin-off working in the field of neurovascular medicine. The start-up has developed a system that allows neurosurgeons to safely navigate cerebral arteries. This technology makes it possible to improve the treatment of strokes.



CYSEC is a EPFL start-up that protects sensitive data processed by companies. More and more data is the target of cyber attacks and threatens the confidentiality of users around the world. For this reason, the start-up has developed the software ARCA trusted OS, a secure environment for storing sensitive data and running important software.

rready AG

rready is a US VC backed startup that offers turnkey B2B SaaS products to launch, manage & automate employee driven innovation programs in large organizations. Their main product is based on the Kickbox methodology, which has been developed in Silicon Valley and has been adopted by thousand of organizations worldwide - the stat-up turned the method into a scalable software product.


SmartBreed is a Swiss agritech start-up that offers insect breeders a complete breeding solution directly at the customer’s site. The start-up enable their customers to breed insects easily with very little effort. Therefore the start-up offers its patented and fully automated breeding boxes, in which insects can be bred economically, efficiently, and hygienically.

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