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When the students are part of it

The FIDAG Consulting Award

The FIDAG Consulting Award is an exceptional adventure in which you will be able to see and analyse a startup from within. It is the chance for you to discover brand new technologies and develop entrepreneurial skills. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to have a first experience in consulting.


Discovering the start-up

Every start-up that reaches the semi-finals will then welcome a group of four students. Together with a consultant and a HEE member, they will get to discover the workspace and meet the management team. This visit will provide students with all the necessary information for drafting an analytic report which will be the jury’s reference to elect the finalists.

Report and oral presentation

Students will be guided by the consultants regarding the structure of the report in order to make sure that all the relevant information is displayed. Groups will also need to present the start-up and their analysis in front of the jury of the Prix Strategis. The jury will deliberate and choose the four finalist start-ups based on the reports and students presentations.

You can only win !

In 2016 the University of Lausanne has made the FIDAG Consulting Award an official class of the HEC bachelor program. This means that students can now enjoy the adventure, meet passionate entrepreneurs and get a first experience in consulting while getting credits for their work. The members of the winning team will be rewarded with an internship opportunity at the partnering company of the FIDAG Consulting Award. All students will receive a certificate to attest your involvement in this adventure.
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