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And the 8 semi-finalists are ...

Publié le 21 novembre 2019They were eighty-seven yesterday, but today only eight start-ups remain !

All of the applicants to the Prix Strategis 2020 were reviewed during its first meeting by our Jury, who selected only eight of them. As in previous years, these start-ups were chosen based on criteria of innovation quality, international growth potential and operations management. The eight semi-finalist start-ups of the Prix Strategis 2020 are:
• PXLVision (identity verification),
• Fixposition (subcentimeter localization),
• Nanogence (concrete additives),
• 9T Labs (3D-printed carbon fiber),
• Kido Dynamics (crowd movement analysis),
• SUN Bioscience (cell cultures),
• Microcaps (precise distribution of pharmaceutical molecules),
• Pristem (medical equipment for disadvantaged environments).

For its 27th edition, the Prix Strategis’ organizing association (HEC Espace Entreprise) and the Jury are pleased to welcome
• Anne HEADON, Director of the new HUB Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Lausanne,
• Edouard TRECCANI, Program Director at MassChallenge,
• Loïc NOUAR, Product Manager at NOMOKO, our 2019 winner.

These new members bring their expertise in their respective fields and their know-how in business management, keeping the Jury at the forefront and allowing them to better identify the most promising start-ups.

The winning will be revealed at the closing ceremony, taking place in May 2020 at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. But before that, there are several steps - the next one being the hallmark that makes the Prix Strategis so original! Eight teams, thanks to their skills acquired at HEC Lausanne and accompanied by consultants, will visit the semi-finalists to draw up an analysis report that will serve as a basis for the Jury to determine the five finalists. This integration of students into the selection process is a competition in itself - the FIDAG Consulting Award - and adds a different perspective and a truly innovative aspect to the Strategis Prize.
See you on April 2nd for the next step!