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Only 8 left!

The 8 start-ups semi-finalist are officially known !

Publié le 22 novembre 2017They were still seventy start-ups on the Strategis list last night but are only eight left this morning! The Semi- finalists of the Strategis Prize, organized by the student association HEC Espace Entreprise, were selected at the first meeting of the jury on Tuesday, November 21st. These start-ups, from all over Switzerland, were chosen after a selection based on criteria of innovation, achievement and expansion.

The eight semi-finalists start-ups of the Strategis 2018 Award are: Monito, IDUN, Eyeware, Orbiwise, HAELIXA, Raizers, Inositec and SamanTree Medical !

For this 25th edition of the Prix Strategis Competition, the jury welcomes four new members, allowing an even more thorough and meticulous study of the candidatures. Indeed, along with the existing members, Yosef Akhtman (CEO Gamaya), Edouard Lambelet (CEO & cofounder Finity, paper.li), Bernard Lukey (General Director of Yandex Europe AG), and Joel Perrenoud (CEO & cofounder Diviac) will be sharing their extensive and diverse knowledge in an effort to help elect the best Swiss start-up 2018.

The next step of the Prix Strategis Competition is what makes it unique! The integration of HEC Lausanne students into the start-up selection process adds a different and interesting point of view and constitutes an innovative aspect of the competition. In fact, next semester, students will meet these eight companies. Their evaluations, analyses and presentations will serve as a basis for the jury to determine the five finalists and move one step closer to picking the ultimate 2018 winner.

See you next March 27th for the next stage of the Strategis Award!