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A. Delafontaine devient président du jury

Publié le 10 septembre 2019As our former President of the Jury, Diego Braguglia, once said, « The Prix Strategis has over the years become the reference award for young and promising start-ups in Switzerland ». This fact is only true thanks to the dynamism and spirit of openness that are distinctive of the Prix Strategis. Our secret recipe ? The constant renewal among the ranks of the Prix Strategis staff, which includes both the association that backs the Prix Strategis, and the Jury. It really is what enables us to perform and, to quote Mr. Braguglia once again, to award only the « future leaders of their sectors [with the Prix] ».

Therefore, every year, a member from the Jury as a whole is chosen and appointed as our new president, to serve one term (thus one edition of the Prix). Naturally, the forthcoming 27th edition of the Prix makes no exception, as André Delafontaine has just been appointed as the new President of the Jury, replacing Diego Braguglia.

André Delafontaine, Professor of entrepreneurship, intervenes at executive, E/MBA & Master level at numerous academic institutions. After founding his first startup at age 19 and selling it 3 years later, André worked 17 years in multinational corporate environments in Switzerland, the US and Asia in people, project and product management. In 2010, André co-founded Go Beyond Investing AG, a network of 800 early stage investors having funded over 200 rounds in startups. In 2017, André founded Excelerate Partners to empower corporates and individuals to innovate through intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship.

André Delafontaine, our new President of the Jury, has been a distinguished member of the Jury for many years, and we would like to thank him for accepting the role that is now his, with all the personal investment it requires. We wish him the best in this endeavor !

Meanwhile, Mr. Braguglia steps down from his role as president but remains as a jury member – the team of the HEC Espace Entreprise wholeheartedly thank him for his help and incredible expertise.