The Prix Strategis 2022 knows its 5 finalists!

The Jury of the Prize met again on Tuesday evening to make its choice among the 8 semi-finalists. The choice was difficult but the 5 finalists of the Prix Strategis 2023 are now known!  

With the help of the audit work carried out by the HEC Lausanne students participating in the Fidag Consulting Award, the Jury of the prize was able to make its choice among the semi-finalists and decided to honour Corintis (development of a sustainable IT operation thanks to an innovative cooling system), dimpora (sustainable functional membrane solutions for performance clothing), Limula (innovative solution for the production of the most personalised cancer treatments, on demand and on a large scale, directly at the point of care), Bearmind (wearable technology to prevent brain injuries due to sports) and Medusoil (manufacture of cementless binder based on mineralisation, applicable for soil consolidation in ecologically sensitive areas), taking them to the final of the Prix Strategis 2023 !  

Unfortunately for Aidonic (blockchain-powered platform for social fundraising and digital distribution of humanitarian aid), Enerdrape (reinforcement of built-up areas by transforming any type of underground infrastructure, new or existing, into renewable sources for the heating and cooling needs of buildings), Netsensing Technology (medical device for the detection of sleep apnea), the Prix Strategis 2023 competition stops at this stage. However, HEC Espace Entreprise would like to congratulate them for having reached the semi-finalist stage, which demonstrates their promising character in the eyes of the Jury, and would like to thank them warmly for their participation.  

The winning start-up of the Prix Strategis 2023 will be selected at the final meeting of the Jury on April 11th and will be unveiled at the Closing Ceremony on May 11th 2023 at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.  

News publiée le 29 mars 2023.

La cérémonie de clôture de la 31ème édition se déroulera le 22 mai 2024 !
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