The winner of the Prix Strategis 2023 is Corintis !

Last Thursday, the 30th winning start-up of the Prix Strategis was announced among the 87 candidates that participated in this 2023 edition. It is Corintis, that cools high-performance computing chips efficiently to reduce energy consumption and heat extraction issues in data centers. It won the prize of 50,000 Swiss francs because it attracted the jury’s attention with the quality of its promising invention.

Winning the Prix Strategis means that it has succeeded in convincing a jury of renowned experts in variousfields and influential figures. Corintis had to meet demandingcriteria in terms of innovation, product realization, ability to expand and impact, but also present a favorable potential for the Swiss economy.

Corintis provides silicon-based microfluidic cooling solutions for high-performance computing chips, enabling 10x higher heat extraction and 50-times higher energy efficiency compared to conventional methods, which is essential for meeting the increasing demand for more powerful chips.

On the second step of the podium, we find two startups because the jury couldn’t choose between Limula and Dimpora.

Limula is a startup focused on revolutionizing the healthcare value chain by providing accessible, highly personalized cell and gene therapies through distributed and automated manufacturing. Their modular platform offers an enabling tool for at-scale manufacturing of personalized cell therapies, using a proprietary cell processing tool capable of supporting all production steps in a single fully-automated device.

Dimpora is a materials company that specializes in sustainable and non-toxic functional membranes for outdoor gear production. Its focus is on developing innovative solutions that are environmentally friendly and safe for consumers. Not on the winner’s podium, but no less deserving, are Bearmind, commercializing in-built helmet sensors and software for brain injury prevention and performance monitoring in Sports and Medusoil, that creat a containerised, patented technology to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly bio-cémentation solution, for minimally invasive soil injections.

Finally, the guests present at the ceremony, as well as everyone who took an interest in these start-ups on social networks, were able to crown their favorite start-up with the Audience Award, supported by La Mobilière. With more than 600 votes and very close results, Bearmind wins the Prix du Public La Mobilière and the 5,000 Swiss francs. On Thursday, May 11 at 7 p.m., the award ceremony for the 30th edition of the Prix Strategis took place at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. This competition has made a name for itself by selecting winners who are now considered figureheads of the Swiss economy. On this occasion, the title of the best start-up in Switzerland has been awarded every year since 1993 by the HEC Espace Entreprise student association.

For this 30th edition, we had the honor of welcoming Diego Braguglia, General Partner at VI Partners and member of the jury, as guest speaker. His speech was an opportunity to learn more about this venture capital firm and its evolution over the years.

To mark its 30th anniversary, the Prix Strategis welcomed Jesùs Martin-Garcia, who won the award in 2001 with It was very interesting to discover about its experience. The Prix Strategis is organized by HEC Espace Entreprise, an association of students who want to bring the entrepreneurial world and HEC Lausanne students closer together.

Finally, we would like to express our appreciation to Alex Glavieux, Head of the Prix Strategis, for organizing this new edition, as well as to the entire team that accompanied him to offer us this final event. Every year, this event is a testament to the hard work of a student team in running a competition that was created 30 years ago. For more information about the Prix Strategis, please visit the following link:

News publiée le 17 mai 2023.

La cérémonie de clôture de la 31ème édition se déroulera le 22 mai 2024 !
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