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Since 1993, the Prix Strategis has awarded CHF 50,000 to the best start-up in Switzerland. The prize is organized by HEC Espace Entreprise, an association of students at HEC Lausanne. The Strategis department of the association is the organizing committee of the prize. It is supported by the other departments to ensure high visibility and funding for the organization of the event and the prize money. In addition, the jury that evaluates the start-ups' applications is made up of experts from various disciplines, renowned entrepreneurs and influential figures from the business world of French-speaking Switzerland.


Swiss start-up

The start-up must be headquartered in Switzerland

5-year maximum

The start-up has existed for less than 5 years



How innovative is your solution/product? And how well is it protected, IP-wise?


Proof-of-market & operations management


Potential for growth, esp. internationally


What is the (ESG) impact of your start-up?


Oct.: Application submission

Applications are open, for eligible start-ups (see above) from the 1st to the 31st of October.

Nov.: First Jury meeting

Our jury meets a first time, in order to select the eight semi-finalists start-ups among all the applications

Dec. → Feb. Winter: Visits to the start-ups

Each start-up will be visited by a group of four students and a professional consultant, who will then write a report about and evaluate them.

Mar.: Second Jury meeting

During this second meeting, our Jury choose the five finalists, partly based on the reports written by FCA groups and their professional consultant

Apr.: Final Jury meeting

During the last meeting, the winner of the Prix Strategis is selected by the Jury – but kept a secret until the Ceremony!

May: Ceremony

During the ceremony of the Prix Strategis, the winning start-up is revealed. Additionally, the audience votes to award the "Mobiliar Audience Prize" to their favorite start-up.


Applications are closed. See you next October to get the chance to become the best start-up of Switzerland!

If you have any issues, please contact:

Rewarding the best Swiss start-up, every year since 1993. The closing ceremony of the 31st edition will take place on may 22nd 2024 !
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