FIDAG Consulting Award

The FIDAG Consulting Award is an exceptional opportunity for students to get a behind-the-scenes look at an innovative and promising start-up. Not only will students gain knowledge about new technologies and entrepreneurship, but they will also have the opportunity to have a first experience in consulting.

the FCA in figures

Thirty-two students

8 groups (the number of semi-finalist start-ups), of 4 students (plus a professional consultant, who helps and guides the students to ensure the fitness and the quality of their report)

Three ECTS credits

Students will receive 3 ECTS credits, as a part of their Bachelor's degree at HEC Lausanne

One winner

The best-performing group will be awarded with the FIDAG Consulting Award itself, which offers students an internship at FIDAG.


Applications are closed. See you in November to discover and evaluate Switzerland's best start-up!

Rewarding the best Swiss start-up, every year since 1987.
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