Rencontrez le Jury du Prix

Each year, a jury composed of experts in various fields and influential personalities from the economic world of French-speaking Switzerland joins the competition organizers to evaluate the participating companies of the Prix Strategis.

Edouard Lambelet

President of the Jury & Co-founder, Chairman at Finity SA

Marianne Schmid-Mast

Doyenne de la faculté des HEC Lausanne et Professeure de comportement organisationnel. En 2018, elle a été nommée une des 50 psychologues les plus influents du monde.

Lucie Pasche

Experte-comptable diplômée chez FIDAG

Diego Braguglia

General Partner of VI Partners

Aurélien Lehmann

Chef de service chez BCV - Clientèle entreprise

Cédric Juillerat

Managing Director of Mylife and board member of various companies such as: Deeplink, Loyco, Tayo Software and more

Julien Guex

Sous-directeur chez CVCI

Avi Ram

Independent consultant, mentor and board advisor

Anne Headon

Director - HUB Entrepreneurship and Innovation UNIL

Giovanni Leo

Partner Lake Geneva Ventures Fund at Efficient Frontier Investing

Sacha Herrmann

Chief Financial Officer at Codility

Isabelle Cohen-Solal

Board Member and Chairperson | Sustainability Consultant

Marie Ivorra

CEO/Board Member/ PME-startup Business Coach

Caroline Kant

CEO of Esperare

André Delafontaine

Public Speaker & Advisor on Corporate Innovation, Intrapreneurship & Early Stage Investing

Alexandra Post Quillet

Directrice associée chez Crescendo Marketing

Amaël Cohades

CEO and co-founder of CompPair

Alexandra Richardson

VP for Clayton Biotechnologies, Inc. (USA)

Patrick Tharin

Responsable Publicité Mobilière Vie

Nicolas Dorsaz

EPFL Innovation Satellite Manager at Bühler Group

Cristina Apetrei

Global Head of Innovation Management at Philip Morris International

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