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Congratulations to the 5 finalists!

Publié le 27 mars 2019Every year, for the past 26 years, the Prix Strategis rewards the best Swiss start-up with a cash prize of CHF 50,000. A real boost for young companies, the Prix Strategis bases its decision on the degree of innovation, the quality of the business development and the possibility of expansion.

Thanks to he FIDAG Consulting Award, a class organized by Mr. Yves Darbellay (Member of the board of directors and Director of FIDAG SA), 8 groups of students from HEC Lausanne have been given the opportunity to visit the companies that have reached the semi-finals. Accompanied by consultants and putting the knowledge the have acquired at HEC Lausanne to good use, the students prepared a financial analysis of the companies. The report the have built and submitted plays a crucial part in the jury’s final decision while selecting then 5 finalists.

Last Tuesday (March 26th) the jury of the Prix Strategis, composed of influential experts of the Swiss entrepreneurial world has chosen the finalists. They have had to face a difficult selection process as the start-ups that have made it this far are all truly innovative and competitive in their own right. We are proud to announce that the list of finalists for the 26th edition of the Prix Strategis is as follows:
- Loanboox https://www.loanboox.com/landing/ch/home
- Nomoko http://nomoko.world/
- Parquery https://parquery.com/?lang=fr
- Peripal https://www.peripal.com/
- Rovenso http://www.rovenso.com/

In a few weeks, the founder(s) of each remaining company will defend their start-up in front of the jury in order to convince them that they deserve the title of the Prix Strategis’ Best Swiss Start-Up. However, we will have to wait until May 1st to know who the winner of the Prix Strategis 2019 will be.