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25 years of innovation

Prix Strategis celebrates it’s 25th anniversary

Published the 25 September 2017This year, the Prix Strategis is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary!
For a quarter of a century the Prix Strategis has been rewarding the most innovative Swiss start-ups, discovering breathtaking projects and watching grow companies that have become key players of our economy.

LeShop.ch, Jobup, L.E.S.S. and Gamaya are all examples of start-ups that won the price over the years. Those companies are now leaders in their fields. They showed great qualities regarding innovation, implementation and expansion potential which are the main pillars of the jury’s evaluation.

For 25 years Le Prix Strategis has been building a strong network and a beautifully diversified community, gathering investors, experts in finance or in the industry and also great figures from western Switzerland. Winning the Prix Strategis is not only about the price. It means earning the approbation of an influent jury. It means enjoying a strong media coverage and also meeting futur investors.

Since 1987, HEC Espace Entreprise has been bridging the gaps between two worlds : the world of university and the world of business. Students from HEC Lausanne are given the chance to take a step into the professional arena while the best Swiss start-ups are given a stepping stone towards an even greater financial success, stronger media coverage and improved strategy.

It all starts again every October with the submission of the start-up’s applications. All of them need to submit an application folder complying to the contest’s rules. In mid-November, after the jury has carefully read the reports, 8 start-ups are selected to continue this adventure in the semi-finals. The jury will meet a second time, only after the students have had the chance to visit the start-ups and conduct an analysis. This step will only leave 5 start-ups in the contest. The jury will then gather one last time to elect the winner of the Prix Strategis. The results will be kept secret until the final ceremony during which the winner will be announced as the best Swiss start-up of the year.

HEC Espace Entreprise is waiting for you at the 25th ceremony of the Prix Strategis.