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A new event in Lausanne

Women’s Expo Switzerland for the first time in Lausanne

Published the 16 May 2017Women’s Expo Switzerland is a platform which goal is to help women find new products and services for personal and professional use. It is also a place where they can gather knowledge and develop their network.

For the very first time, Lausanne will be hosting an exhibition made by women for women.

On the 21st of May, around 40 business women from Lausanne and the area will be presenting their products and services at the Royal Savoy Hotel.

The Women’s Expo Switzerland was created by Lisa Chuma, expert in personalized marketing. Chuma who was born and raised in Zimbabwe is convinced that « Every woman who has the courage to launch a company deserves to be supported, and that women should be able to : find new products and services corresponding to their personal and professional needs, gather knowledge and grow their network. All of this in one single place. »

Lisa Chuma was raised by a single mother who had been victim of domestic abuse but who managed to find a way out thanks to the support of the women surrounding her. Lisa learned young how much energy and power lays within a community of women.

« I know what it means to create one’s own company, dreaming of success and fighting to find clients » Lisa explained. She went through it herself. « Failing with my first company was very hurtful to me. I promised myself to do something and never let it happen that a woman needs to close her company due to a lack of customers. This is the reason behind the platform.

Our goal is to put business women directly in contact with their potential clients. Today, people want to deal with « real humans ».

People want to know and deal directly with the person that originated the product or service they are about to buy. The goal of the platform is to create relationships and trigger real conversations.

We are convinced that the people that are the more likely to promote a company are the entrepreneurs themselves. They know their main assets and how they can serve the customers in the best way. They know the « why » to their company and what differentiates them from the competition. For potential clients, it is this story-telling that really brings authenticity and makes the difference when deciding to buy or not. Every buying decision comes from the gut; during the exhibitions, this relationship can be set instantly with the visitors.

Launched in 2013 in Zürich, the Women's Expo Switzerland has since then witnessed a great success. Up to this day, the exhibition has listed 665 women as exhibitors, 7200 visitors and 850 participants to seminaries.

Women living in French-speaking Switzerland are invited to join this huge platform and get in touch with women that share the same interests and goals. You will be able to find new products and services corresponding to your personal or professional needs, gather knowledge and grow your network. But, even more, you will hear about those women who are striving today and being their own bosses.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Lausanne.